About U-BE

United Black Ellument (U-BE) exists to enable young, black same-gender-loving men to fulfill their greatest potential for good. We are creating ways for young men to come together, meet, socialize, and learn to support one another. We provide alternative social events and opportunities for same-gender-loving men to promote our diversity, well-being, and strength as individuals and as a community. We create a safe environment to talk and encourage each other about issues that are important to us, including safer sex.


What that means is that we’re here when you need us! Here are a few things we’ve helped with in the past…

  • College admissions process
  • Homework
  • Resume writing
  • Job search
  • Finding temporary and long-term shelter
  • Mental health issues
  • Relationship issues
  • Finding friends and much more!

If we can’t help you with something, we’ll connect you with someone who can! Don’t hesitate to learn on us, as we’re our brothers’ keeper!

Get Involved…

  • Become a member of the Core Group (U-BE’s planning and decision-making body). Core Group meetings are every 1st and 3rd Tuesday @ 7:00PM
  • Come to weekly events and parties
  • Help plan events and parties
  • Help facilitate groups
  • Volunteer at the space
  • Plan outreach and publicity activities


The U-BE Community Center:

At the U-BE Community Center, located in Deep Ellum, is a place where young men come to hang out, access our computer lab (free Wi-Fi), meet other men, socialize, volunteer, and check out our library of magazines, newspapers, referral services, gay and bisexual themed books and more.

U-BE Connected:

Free, casual, one-time meeting of 8-15 young men. These groups provide a fun and supportive way to hear how others are dealing with relationships and sex.

U-BE Events:

UBE hosts a wide variety of free special events for young men— movies, game nights, discussions, community-wide hip-hop parties, barbecues and much more! We also welcome YOUR ideas.

U-BE Outreach:

Awesome activities to educate and encourage each other about safer sex. We want to have a presence wherever young gay and bisexual men are.

The UBE Community Center is located at:

2600 N Stemmons Fwy Ste #188
Dallas, Texas 75207

Find “United Black Ellument” or “ubedallas” on Google, Facebook and Twitter!