UBE in Collaboration w/ Overall Founding Father Tito Icon Giuseppe Present: The Bad&Boujee KiKi Ball Volume1

UBE in Collaboration w/ Overall Founding Father Tito Icon Giuseppe Presents: The Bad&Boujee KiKi Ball Volume1 


United Black Ellument (UBE) in collaboration w/Father Tito Icon Giuseppe” 💦
Presents: The Bad&Boujee KiKi ball Volume1



Sunday Nov 19, 2017
6pm – 10pm THAT’S IT!

United Black Ellument (U-BE)
5750 Cedar Springs Rd
Dallas, Tx 75235

Feel free to participate in our Thanksgiving #UBEFoodDrive by simply donate 4 non-perishable food items (those items will be donated to the resource center food pantry that provides food for those infected with HIV&AIDS)

***LSS STARTS @ 6:30***

Commentator: Overall Founding Mother Tree Tree Giuseppe

Tonight belongs to the Realness kids. Either you are the unlockable “Trade-like” BQ that can stand on any corner with the boyz in the hood and dupe them, or you’re the undeniable FQ that blends in with real women who came to slay. Show us tonight who really is BAD and BOUGIE!!!

Thug vs Pretty Boy vs Executive;

*Thug bring it black leather jacket

*PB bring it white cardigan 

*Executives bring it with a laptop, briefcase or iPad 

BQ Sex Siren (JR vs SR vs CATBOY);

Show us how you seduce the one you want, once you get them in your bedroom (with a small production).

Bad boys Bring it in PREP blue

Boujee boys bring it in a costume made of condoms. 


Dramatics vs Vogue Femme 

(Dramatics in ALL black soft & femme in ALL white)

*******BQ TRIPLE THREAT******** (33% FACE 33%BODY 33% REALNESS) 

Bring it Black and white 


Bring it in BLACK and WHITE 


Clean up on aisle 7! You are a cashier at the local supermarket. When the beat drops, show us your prop to sweep the competition off your isle 

Realness With a Twist

Get your 10’s 1st in all black selling us your realness then bring it back in white and serving us your twisted tuna.

Shake That A**

Bring it in a white tank beater and black basketball shorts.


OTA Face over 30

Bring it in Black and White 

 As a program of Resource CenterUnited Black Ellument (U-BE) has reached over 20,000 people as it marks it’s 8th year anniversary with a renewed mission to help Black same-gender-loving men reach their greatest potential for good while continuing to raise awareness around sexual health.


We would like to thank everyone who has contributed to the success of the program and advancement of Dallas’ SGL community.


Public Service Announcement
By getting on and adhering to medical treatment, HIV+ individuals can achieve viral suppression (a very low level of HIV in the blood, also referred to as undetectable). When virally suppressed, HIV+ individuals stay healthy and significantly lower the chances of transmitting the virus to their sex partner(s).For more information on testing and HIV treatment call 214-393-3700!

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