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As we prepare to march alongside the city of Dallas in celebration of Dr Martin L. King Jr., we thought it would be a great idea to discuss Dr King’s legacy and the history of the civil rights movement in Dallas. Lets use history as our guide to create a better future.

We are honored to have Ray Jordan leading the conversation. Holding two graduate degrees (Masters in both Education and Theology), Mr Jordan has worked in both the public and private sectors as a school teacher, college professor, clergy person, journalist, non-profit administrator, and consultant. Having worked within three distinct population: rural, suburban, and urban; Ray loves all people and contribute invaluable experience to both his professional endeavors and community outreach.

Ray is currently completing his Ph.D in Public Policy and Social Change with an emphasis in Martin Luther King studies.

Join us this Thursday, January 14, at 7 P.M., for a conscious elevating discussion.

3116 Commerce ST, STE C
Dallas, TX 75226

 If you are interested in marching in the 2016 MLK parade with us, please visit!


Contact us at 214-760-9718 or for any inquires.

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