UBE In the Loop: July4-July10



Peace Beautiful People,

We hope everyone had an awesome & amazing wonderful July 4th weekend. Take a look at what we have in store THIS WEEK @ United Black Ellument!! 🙂


Take a look at what we have coming up #THISWEEK @ United Black Ellument.995243_10152441840153102_24020878_n

Monday, July. 4

UBE Community Center Closed

Happy 4th of July Everyone!!!





Tuesday, July. 5

UBE Community Center  3-9 P.M.

UBE Core Group 7-9 P.M.


Wednesday, July 6

UBE Community Center  3-9 P.M.

*UBE B.L.A.C.K Chat  7-9P.M.


Thursday, July. 7

UBE Community Center 3-9 P.M.

 *UBE Factor & Karaoke Night   P.M.


Friday, July. 8

UBE Community Center 3-9P.M.

*Vogue Academy* 7P.M.



Sunday, July. 10

UBE Summer Sessions

*Game Night* 7P.M.



*UBE  at The Park :Volleyball TBA






July 11-17TH

#UBE Heal & Healing, Karaoke Contest #UBEFactor continues & Vogue Academy!!!


If you would like to join the fun and volunteer, let us know!





Sun, July 10 – Game Night #UBESummerSessions

Tues, July 12 – Heal & Healing

Weds, July 13 – Drop In Open

Sun, July 17 – Skate Party @ Southern Skate Rink*

Tues, July 19 – Core Group

Weds, July 20 – B.L.A.C.K Chat

Tues, July 26 – UBE Connected

Thurs, July 30 – #UBE7*






UBE also offers FREE CONFIDENTIAL HIV and Syphilis Testing

 Dates for July #KnowYourStatus

Every Wed @ 7-9P

We hope everyone has a great day & week!




If you are interested in volunteer or outreach opportunities, please let us know!


If you need to update your HIV status, allow us to link you to free and confidential HIV testing. It is important to update your HIV status every 3 – 6 months, and encourage your friends to do the same. Contact us today @ 2147609718 or ube@myresourcecenter.org

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