Kickback and Conversations / Coming Soon!!!

 At UBE, we strive to cultivate spaces in which our community can spread love and empower one another to reach their greatest potential for good. This time is no different. We find it important to gather in Black Love, and Unity!


Resource Center    Time:   COMING SOON!!!
5750 Cedar Springs Rd.
Dallas, TX 75235


Peace beautiful people! We’re hosting a Kickback and Conversation COMING SOON!!! All Black LGBTQ+ individuals in the DFW area are welcome to attend. We understand that we’re not all same but have similar journeys. Let’s create space for us to love one another and share good vibes. Bring some friends and/or make some new ones.





FREE with RSVP!  Food and space limited!   






!!!!!Don’t Forget To RSVP!!!!
























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