Black Boy Magic: UBE’s 10 Year Anniversary Celebration

In June of 2009, the movement that is United Black Ellument, started it’s mission to begin mobilizing Dallas’ young black same-gender-loving men to change for a better tomorrow and raise awareness about HIV/AIDS. As a program of Resource CenterUnited Black Ellument (U-BE) has reached over 20,000 people as it marks it’s 8th year anniversary with a renewed mission to help Black same-gender-loving men reach their greatest potential for good while continuing to raise awareness around sexual health.


United Black Ellument is celebrating TEN years of service to the community! This year’s theme is “Black Boy Magic: Manifest the Magic Within.”

Join us for food, music, and a night of magical and spiritually themed activities like tarot card readers, psychics, and reiki!

UBE will also be hosting the Black Magic Crystal(Kiki) Ball during from 4-8P.

Black Magic Crystal Ball Categories Are:

OFA Face- Witches versus Warlocks

OFA Runway- Come tell us a fortune as the tarot reader in black and metallic silver

FF Performance– Night at the disco! In the metallic, glitter, or shiny color of your choice! Come take us back to the time where the ladies used to get down on it

BQ Performance– The magicians! Bring it dressed like the hocus pocus act. Whether in your moves or an actual act. Show us a magic trick

TagTeam Performance– Aladdin and I dream of any combination

OFA Sex Siren– Bring it in PREP blue with one fact about the pill, magnum metallic gold with one fact about condoms, or HIV supportive red that glitters with one fact on how to stop the spread of the virus.

UBE Connected 10/22 at 7PM

Location: 2600 Stemmons Frwy Suite Dallas, TX


Public Service Announcement
By getting on and adhering to medical treatment, HIV+ individuals can achieve viral suppression (a very low level of HIV in the blood, also referred to as undetectable). When virally suppressed, HIV+ individuals stay healthy and significantly lower the chances of transmitting the virus to their sex partner(s).For more information on testing, HIV treatment, or PReP call 214-393-3700!

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