UBE In The Loop: May7-13



Hey There Community Members and Beatiful People,

We hope everyone had an amazing weekend. Special thanks to EVERYONE that came out last weeks for programming.

It means so much that our community/core members have so generously contributed and continue to make UBE the force it is within the LGBT community. THANK YOU ALL!!! WE HAD A BLAST and it continues bigger than ever!!!





We are so excited about the upcoming week of programming calendar of events, hosted at the amazing RCD Mpowerment Center and around the community!! Take a look at what we have in store THIS WEEK @ United Black Ellument!! 🙂


Located at: 

3918 Harry Hines Blvd.

Dallas, Tx 75219


Monday, May 7

UBE Community Drop-In CLOSED

3918 Harry Hines Blvd.

Image result for closed

Hope to see you ALL there!!! 🙂


Tuesday, May. 8

UBE Community Drop-In Open 3-9 P.M.

UBE Black 90’s Movie Night   7-9 P.M.

3918 Harry Hines Blvd.

Hey Y’all! Join us for UBE Black 90’s Movie Night  5/8 at 7PM!       🙂

UBE is a community center for African American gay, bi, and pan guys ages 18-29. And for anyone unfamiliar with our new space, use curbside/residential parking or the parking or the parking lots in the front and back of the building, and the entrance to the space is in the front.

RSVP No0o0o0o0ow for our upcomming #UBEMothersDayBrunch on 5/13 (Click Here—>) UBE Mother’s Day Brunch Event!!!

Wednesday, May 9

UBE Community Drop-In Open 3- 9 P.M.

UBE Volunteer Day ALL-DAY P.M.

3918 Harry Hines Blvd.




Thursday, May. 10

UBE Community Drop-In Open 3-9 P.M.

UBE May Birthday’s Celebration 7-9 P.M.

@ 3918 Harry Hines Blvd.

Dallas, Texas




Friday, May. 11

UBE Community Drop-In Open 3-9 P.M.

UBE Vogue Academy 7-9 P.M.

@ 3918 Harry Hines Blvd.

Dallas, Texas






The Mother’s Day Brunch – 5/13/18

Celebrating all the Mother’s in our lives……

Located at:
Resource Center

5750 Cedar Springs Rd.






UBE also offers FREE CONFIDENTIAL HIV and Syphilis Testing

Ask how you can get tested TODAY. #KnowYourStatus

Empowered by Resource Center / Nelson Tebedo Clinic 


We hope everyone has a great day & week!



If you are interested in volunteer or outreach opportunities, please let us know or CLICK HERE!

If you need to update your HIV status, allow us to link you to free and confidential HIV testing. It is important to update your HIV status every 3 – 6 months, and encourage your friends to do the same. By getting on and adhering to medical treatment, HIV+ individuals can achieve viral suppression ( a very low level of HIV in the blood, also referred to as undetectable). When virally suppressed, HIV+ individuals stay healthy and significantly lower the chances of transmitting the virus to sex partner(s). For more information on testing and HIV treatment call 214-760-9718.

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