MLK Parade 2017


Martin Luther King, Jr was a man of destiny, an apostle of peace who had risen to the lofty heights of spiritual awareness, a towering hero and historical role model whose mission in life was to serve others, one of only a few genuine prophets produced by Western Civilisation. His wisdom, words, commitment, deeds and dreams for a new cast of life were intertwined with the noblest of human aspirations; there is nothing in his life that was not joyous, and full of hope. He was a charismatic figure who attracted people by the magnificence of his concepts, and the brilliance of his insights. -Source

MLK Parade 2017

Jan. 16 @ 10AM – 2P.M.

Join us as we unite and celebrate the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and march alongside the entire city of Dallas!!!

If you are marching in the parade with us, please meet us at the UBE community center at 7AM. Coffee and a lite bites will be served! We will head over to the parade line-up at 7:45AM.

To register to march in the parade with, please use the form below or visit.




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