DFWfuse | UNITED BLACK ELLUMENTUBE exists to enable Black same-gender-loving men to fulfill their greatest potential for good!

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UBE In The Loop: Apr22-29

    Hey There Community Members and Beatiful People, We hope everyone had an amazing weekend. Special thanks to EVERYONE that came out last weeks for programming as we kicked the week off with #UBECoreGroup and lots of amazing ideas and amaziness to come, we also enjoyed a beautiful day at the park via #UBEatWhiteRockLake [&hell... Read more

UBE & Fuse Crawfish Boil (video)

 UBE and Fuse’s 2nd Annual Crawfish Boil As programs of Resource Center, United Black Ellument and Fuse are dedicated to building up young same-gender-loving men between the ages of 18-29, in Dallas, TX and surrounding areas... Read more
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