That’s Total BS 9/28/17

 Join us for #UBEThatsTotalBS 7PM! As we explore the parallels of image standards and solutions to successfully overcome them!
We will discuss topics such as:
-Preference vs Fetish vs Body shaming.
-Methods to build self-esteem.
-How low self-esteem & image standards affect HIV rate.
-Stories and Testimonials
United Black Ellument (Resource Center)
5750 Cedar Springs Rd.,
Dallas, TX 75235
Looking to meet new friends, hang out, socialize, and have a good time, this is the place for you! Join in on all the and fun we’re having here at United Black Ellument (U-BE) & throughout the community!!!
#SexResponsibly #UBETheChangeYouWishToSee !!!
Public Service Announcement
By getting on and adhering to medical treatment, HIV+ individuals can achieve viral suppression (a very low level of HIV in the blood, also referred to as undetectable). When virally suppressed, HIV+ individuals stay healthy and significantly lower the chances of transmitting the virus to their sex parter(s).For more information on testing and HIV treatment call 214-393-3700!

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