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Restless? Stressed out? Facing health issues? Being fit is more than losing a few pounds or obtaining rock hard abs. As black men, we face countless health obstacles that can be solved by simply getting fit. Studies by aids.gov, everyday health, and menshealth.com, all show that working out does a lot more for your body than getting you ready for the summer season. By incorporating 30-45 minutes (or the length of your favorite T.V. program) of exercise into your everyday routine, you will be able to:

  • lower stress
  • get a good night sleep
  • have more energy throughout the day
  • reduce your viral load
  • reduce the risk of high blood pressure, diabetes, and some cancers
  • build muscle mass
  • reduce fat

Being fit includes mental, physical, and emotional health. So, if your a beginner trying to build a routine, a regular looking for new workout buddies, or simply trying to ease your mind after a long week, join the men of UBE lead by Coach Tre of HYE VIBRATIONS. Every session, we will show you a new and exciting way to lose unwanted weight and feel great!

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