UBE Your Own Hero

Hey Beautiful People,

Want To Attend the #JusticeLeague Opening Movie Night? Here’s  all the info and details on how YOU can earn your FREE ticket(s) TODAY!!!


Ways To Attend THIS event:

1. Attend #UBEConnected 11/14 

1.) • Attend our 11/14/17 #UBEConnected at 7P , a sexual health discussion for gay/bi guys ages 18-29. Filled with games, FREE FOOD, FUN AND MORE!!!
This is a small group discussion about sex, dating, relationships, and community. We would love for you to join our movement as we continue to uplift and empower the community.
2.) Located at 5750 Cedar Springs Rd.

2. Volunteering

• Ask a UBE Coordinator how you can give back. Event’s such as our UBE Painting Days, Thanksgiving Unity Dinner and The Bad & Bougie KiKi Ball are examples of upcoming events you could sign up for TODAY! 

3. #UBEGivingBack

• Feel free to stop by of programming facilities during UBE Drop-In hours 3-7 P.M. on November 14-16 (Tuesday – Thursday & Friday 3-6 P.M.) As there are many opportunities our Core/Community members can participate in ranging from:


  • Making #UBESafeSexKit  ( Between 25 to 50. Completed in full. Signed off by a UBE Coordinator.)
  • Office Admin Duties (Filing, typing, copying, errand running, etc.)
  • Ask a UBE Coordinator for more opportunities.



We are so excited about yet another action packed exclusive #UBEYourOwnHero week happening Nov. 14-18th!!! Hosted at the amazing Resource Center Dallas!! #UBEYourOwnHero


Justice League Watch Party

Friday, Nov.17   | Time: 7 P.M.

@ 13933 N Central Expy.

Dallas, Texas




If you would like to join the fun and volunteer, let us know!



UBE also offers FREE CONFIDENTIAL HIV and Syphilis Testing

Let us know if you need to update your status. #KnowYourStatus


We hope everyone has a great day & week!




If you are interested in volunteer or outreach opportunities, please let us know!


If you need to update your HIV status, allow us to link you to free and confidential HIV testing. It is important to update your HIV status every 3 – 6 months, and encourage your friends to do the same. Contact us today @ 2147609718 or ube@myresourcecenter.org

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