At UBE, we strive to cultivate spaces in which our community can spread love and empower one another to reach their greatest potential for good. This time is no different. We find it important to gather in Black Love, and Unity!



*** *** *** *** *** C U R R E N T       E V E N T S *** *** *** *** ***

Just connect with a Coordinator and ask how YOU can help today!!!

UBE is soo exicted as we continue to strive to BE THE CHANGE WE WISH TO SEE!!!




#UBEYourOWNHero Week(s)  *Now Available

Volunteer Orientation     Date: 4/?/19      Time: 4 – 6:30PM!

LOCATION: Resource Center 

5750 Cedar Springs Rd.







United Black Ellument (UBE) MPowerment Center

Tues – Fri 3-9PM




• Feel free to stop by of programming facilities during UBE Drop-In hours 3-7 P.M. (Tuesday -Friday) when the Mpowerment Center is open. As there are many opportunities our Core/Community members can participate in ranging from:


  • Making #UBESafeSexKit(s)  ( Between 25 to 50. Completed in full. Signed off by a UBE Coordinator.)
  • Space Maintenance
  • Office Admin Duties (Filing, typing, copying, errand running, etc.)
  • Ask a UBE Coordinator for more opportunities.










#UBETheChangeYouWishToSee See Ya There!!!

Lite Bite Bites/Snacks & Refreshments provided.

***Stop by our community center or reach out to a UBE Coordinator to be an eligible volunteer. If you have already reserved your spot there is no need to reserve another. Volunteers must SIGN THEMSELVES up, ONLY **


#UBE #UBEDALLAS #UBEVolunteering #UnityInTheCommunity

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